About us

Founded in 2011 by Maître Chloe EBERT, the firm is located in the centre of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region in Aix en Provence and has an international focus;

The firm mainly deals with issues related to transport and logistics, a major sector in this region, commercial law, and civil procedure, activities and obviously related matters;

Thanks to its strategic location, the PACA region is an essential logistics base taking advantage of the increase in trade due to globalisation, and also allowing an obvious multimodality, given its maritime façade open to the Mediterranean - motorway of the sea, and all its infrastructures, rail, roads, allowing combined transport, road, sea, river and sea transport etc....

As the flows are both national and international, it is therefore quite naturally and in a perfectly complementary way that the firm is called upon to deal with commercial law matters, relating to contracts of carriage, contracts for the sale of goods, relations between the various contracting parties,  liability, collection of unpaid invoices, the General Conditions of Sale (GCS), Incoterms....
The same applies to questions relating to civil procedure, which governs a large part of these relations under national law; 

Since its creation, the firm has been constantly developing and its team is composed of dynamic, responsive and competent lawyers to meet the needs of its clients, whom we support both in the context of advice (drafting contracts, pre-contractual negotiations, drafting specific and specific clauses, customs matters, etc.) and in the context of litigation before national and international courts;