How to Obtain the French Flag for your boat: the  procedure of "Francisation";

  • The "FRANCISATION" of a  ship consists in giving it a French flag;
  • The legal status of her is then governed by French law. Customs are responsible for issuing this status to your boat. 
  • In addition, and depending on where you buy your boat, the formalities you will have to complete will be different; 
  • You will also sometimes have to pay VAT to the tax authorities on which you depend, if it has never been the subject of a regulation on national or even European territory;
  • Finally, the "francisation" deed may give rise to the payment of a specific tax, the Annual Francization and Navigation Fee (DAFN), which the shipowner must pay each year to the customs office to which the ship is attached;
  • This fee is calculated on the basis of the hull length of the vessel and the administrative power of the engines with which the vessel is equipped;
  • Under certain conditions, a reduction may be applied to certain vessels both on the hull and on engine power;
  • Thus, an obsolescence allowance can be applied up to 33% for boats 10 to 20 years old, 55% between 20 and 25 years old and 80% for boats over 25 years old;

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