Set up a bonded warehouse in France


You want to become an authorised warehouse-keeper;

You shoudl FULFILL an authorisation and identification file with the customs and excise department with territorial jurisdiction;

The competent department is the one with jurisdiction over the location of the tax warehouse(s) subject to excise duty suspension arrangements where products are produced, held and received and from where products subject to excise duty are shipped under suspension of excise duty, duty-paid or released for consumption.

You should provide the customs office with many information as the Company's complete identity, type of business activity and the following documents:

  • site plan and detailed drawings of the premises for which authorisation is being requested;
  • authorisation of establishment or operations and/or registration certificate (K bis);
  • the company’s articles of association - As it should authorized to deal with specific products as wine, alcohol etc...;
  • the most recent balance sheets;  
  • Powers of attorney issued by the managers having authority to sign instruments committing the company
  • presentation of a joint and several guarantee. 
  • a template of the stock records kept
  • V.AT  gauging certificate for vintners