The French registration procedure of your pleasure boat....


The registration of a pleasure boat in France is a legal obligation;
This request must be made as soon as you buy a boat, whether new or second-hand;
It consists in assigning the boat an identification number, thus giving it an "identity" and making it possible to determine the rights and technical rules that will be applied to it (safety, taxation, etc...)
 All ships must therefore be registered;
However, each ship must have only one registration, so that in the event of a change of ownership, in particular the acquisition or resale of a ship for export, the previous registration must disappear in favour of the new one;
This is referred to as "removal from the pavilion";
The services authorised to receive these requests are the Departmental Directorates of Territories and the Sea (DDTM), formerly Maritime Affairs or the Customs service territorially competent, depending on the formality to be completed (Registration of the transfer, application for registration, application for cancellation...)
Francisation consists in conferring the French flag on the ship; ( See our previous article : How to obtain the French Flag for your boat ) ;
Thus, before registering a pleasure craft, it is important to ensure that it is intended to be "francisé"; 
A Vessel shall be registered under French flag,  if its hull length is more than 7 meters or when it is less, if its "engine" power is more than 22 HP - (Administrative horses) ;
Furthermore, some conditions relating to the nationality of the owner(s), as well as construction and security procedures, must necessarily be met in order for to obtain the French flag;
This procedure falls within the competence of the customs office of the ship's home port (except in the case of acquisition outside the EU) to which a request must be sent together with all supporting documents;

NB: The Francisation of the vessel entitles it to a special tax (the Annual Franchisation and Navigation Fee - DAFN) calculated according to different criteria (length/power) and recovered annually by the competent customs service;
Some vessels may be exempted from this requirement (reduction applicable according to the age of the vessel);

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