Import - Export from and to the UK - Post Brexit 


Since 1 January 2021, the UK has left the EU, and therefore the common market.

In practical terms, this means that the UK is now a third country, and as such, products imported or exported to or from the UK are now taxed as foreign products.
As a result, the duties and taxes to which products were previously subject in intra-Community trade (Intra-Community acquisitions and supplies) have been adjusted.
This change in the status of the goods requires companies involved in these operations to make many internal changes, if they have not already done so, including the implementation of new customs procedures.

If you were already used to trading with countries outside the EU, you will encounter few difficulties, insofar as your company, either directly or via your RDE, knows the procedures to follow, the accompanying documents to attach to your products when they are transported, the customs clearance methods, the possibilities for storage (IST, LADT, etc.), transit (T1, etc.) and all the authorisations to be obtained from customs in order to operate in a safe and smooth manner.

If, on the other hand, the Brexit is an opportunity for your company to open up internationally, a number of steps must be taken, and you must comply with these rules.
These steps may seem insurmountable and above all time-consuming.
In particular, you will need to: 

- Define your real needs according to your activity (product categories, flows and volume....)
- Obtain an EORI number, if you do not already have one; 
- Prepare your file, by gathering the documents required to validate it; (Kbis, balance sheet, plan of the storage facilities...)
- Submit your requests to the competent customs service with the right supporting documents via SOPRANO for example or any other PRODOUANE online service;
- Define the amount of the guarantee to be put in place when requested, and obtain it from a competent organisation; 
- Possibly request the implementation of the reverse charge system to gain in cash flow;
- Equip your teams with the right software that will be approved by customs for your declarations and in case of controls...(GAMMA, DELTA, Convention T...) 

This list is by no means exhaustive, since all existing obligations will be determined mainly according to the status chosen, the products marketed (type and volumes) and the operations carried out.

All these steps are necessary to ensure the continuity and development of your UK and international business.
A bad strategy and a lack of preparation beforehand could have a significant negative impact (loss of time, risk of fines and/or penalties, reduction of cash flow, ...) on your company's activity.


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